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In this challenge, discover how to maintain a positive mindset, create personal boundaries, eliminate perfectionism, be more assertive and avoid self-doubt to increase your confidence, happiness, and peace today!

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Transform My Life 5-Day Challenge Details:

Day 1: Maintain a Positive Mindset

  • Discover easy strategies to keep negative thoughts at bay and think positive throughout any challenge.

Day 2: Create Personal Boundaries

  • Discover how to create and apply personal boundaries to protect your space and emotional well-being.

Day 3: Eliminate Perfectionism

  • Discover how to avoid the trap of perfectionism and appreciate your beautiful qualities.

Day 4: Be Assertive

  • Discover how to be more assertive while being kind.

Day 5: Avoid Self-doubt

  • Discover simple strategies to help you learn how to believe in yourself.


When does the challenge start?

The challenge starts tomorrow.

How will I access the challenge?

After you join the challenge, you will immediately receive a welcome email with more information. Every morning during the challenge, you will receive an email with a short lesson, worksheet link, and a link for a video lesson.

Is there a community for the challenge?

You'll also receive an invitation to join our community, Be Intentional & Werk. Being a part of a community is a great way to track your progress, receive additional support, and connect with your peers. If you have any questions, please ask them in the group.

Meet Karen:




2021 challenge, self improvement, stress relief, create boundaries, enforce boundaries, be assertive, say no, be happier, find joy

Hey, I'm Karen: courageous wife and mom of 3. I'm also a certified Life Coach who helps busy women learn how to release anger and resentment so they can be happier today. I've found so much happiness in helping women reclaim their joy.

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